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How much should a tarmac driveway cost per m2 in the UK?

Tarmac is one of the most popular driveway surfaces. Find out what to look for in tarmac and the average tarmac driveway cost per sqm in the UK here.

How much does a tarmac driveway cost in the UK?

With tarmac driveways, a distinction must be made between small and large areas. The larger the area, the lower the price per square metre. Small (<50 sqm) tarmac driveways cost on average between £65 – £90 per sqm in the UK. This includes all materials, sub-base and labour costs.

Average: £45 – £90 per sqm, depending on size

Large tarmac driveways are considerably cheaper. Here, prices of around £45 per m2 can be expected. For larger projects or if a company is already installing tarmac in the vicinity, prices of around £35 – £40 per m2 are possible with a bit of luck.

Apart from the material costs for the tarmac (and its layer thickness) and the labour costs, the substructure and excavation of the soil and its removal are particularly cost-intensive. Additional costs may also be incurred for laying kerbs and installing a drainage system.

The following is an example of tarmac driveway cost for 30 sqm near Manchester, followed by a table showing how much the price per sqm decreases as the size of the area increases. The costs shown on this page are indicative and may vary.

Example: Tarmac Driveway Cost – UK – 30 m2

1 m²
30 m²
Excavate and dispose of soil
Substructure of gravel
Material tarmac
Labour costs
Total cost

Tarmac driveway cost according to area size

Area size
Price per m²
Tarmac driveway 25 m2
Tarmac driveway 100 m2
Tarmac driveway 250 m2

Save money: Compare tarmac driveway prices in your area!

There are now platforms that help you compare prices of contractors and find the best value for money in your area quickly and easily. A recommendable service is that of Bark. It only takes a few clicks to fill out the form. Whether you accept one of the offers or leave it at the price overview is up to you. The service is non-binding and free of charge.

What influences the tarmac driveway cost?

When installing a tarmac driveway, there are several factors that influence the final price:

  • Is a substructure necessary?
  • What is the condition of the ground? Are any improvements necessary?
  • How large is the area? The larger the area, the lower the price per square metre.
  • What is the general hourly rate of tradesmen? In London, for example, prices are higher than in the rest of the UK.
  • Is any additional work required such as kerbs or a drainage system?
  • How busy is the driveway (how thick does the tarmac need to be)?

These factors will influence the tarmac driveway cost. In addition, prices can vary considerably, both regionally and between individual companies. A price comparison is therefore recommended before any project if you want to find good value for money.

How long does a tarmac driveway installation take?

This depends on the size of the area as well as the terrain conditions. In detail the time needed to build a tarmac driveway depends on the following factors:

  • Do trees or shrubs need to be removed?
  • What is the size and shape of the driveway?
  • How deep does the soil excavation need to be?
  • Is a drainage system needed?
  • At what time of year does the work take place? Rain and snow increase the time needed.
  • How many workers are on site?

It usually takes about two to three days to complete an average 50 m2 tarmac driveway. Typically, all excavation, drainage, substructure and other preparations take two days, while the installation of the tarmac can take place on the third day. For larger projects, the work can also take a week.

What are the advantages of a tarmac driveway?

Price-performance ratio:

Especially for larger driveways, tarmac is a cost-effective option. With tarmac you get an elegant and clean-looking driveway that is easy to clean.

Long durability:

If the craftsman knows how to install a tarmac driveway properly, you will get a durable surface. In addition, a well-built tarmac driveway is relatively easy and comparatively inexpensive to repair in subsequent years should, for example, potholes appear.

Saving tip: How to reduce your tarmac driveway cost

Because labour costs make up the largest part of the tarmac driveway cost, it is always worthwhile to carry out a free price comparison beforehand. Customer reviews of the individual specialist companies can also be viewed. This makes it easy to find the best price-performance ratio in your region and save money.

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