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What is the average cost of gardener in the UK?

Spring and early summer are particularly busy times in British gardens. In many cases, it makes sense to seek professional help from gardeners. Find out what the average cost of a gardener is in the UK and how to save money. Plus: Get free quotes!

What is the average cost of gardeners in the UK?

The average cost of a gardener is around £30 – £60 per hour in the UK. Depending on the gardener, the costs for material, plants and machines are already included, but this should be discussed with the gardener beforehand.


Depending on the tasks and the gardener, the costs can also be calculated per square metre or per metre. For example, hedge trimming is often charged per metre, lawn mowing is often charged per square metre.

The larger the garden area to be worked on, the lower the price per hour or square metre. It is also easier to agree on flat rates for larger jobs. Below is a cost example for gardening work in a 200 m² garden near Birmingham as well as a price list for various gardening services. All figures are estimates incl. VAT and may of course vary.

Example: Cost of gardener for 200 m² total area

Mowing the lawn incl. sowing for bare areas
Hedge trimming
Disposal of green waste
Bed maintenance incl. weed removal
Travel costs
Total cost

Price List: Gardening costs for various services

Lawn mowing
from £0.30 per m²
Scarify lawn
from £1 per m²
Laying lawn (seed or sod)
from £10 per m²
Removing leaves and foliage
from £0.20 per m²
Maintaining beds and weeding
from £1 per m²
Laying out and planting a bed
from £30 per m²
Wintering plants
from £50 per m²
Hedge pruning
from £7 per metre
Planting a hedge
from £50 per metre
Hedge removal
from £80 per metre
Create pond
from £230 per m²
Tree felling, permit and removal
from £450, depending on size
Levelling garden (slight slope)
from £15 per m²
Levelling garden (steep slope)
from £60 per m²
Laying garden paths
from £60 per m²
Terrace made of concrete slabs
from £80 per m²
Terrace made of WPC
from £90 per m²
Terrace made of wood
from £100 per m²
Green waste disposal
from £7 per m³
Excavated earth incl. disposal
from £55 per m³
Greenhouse, small
from £3,000
Wooden garden house
from £3,500

Save money: Compare gardener prices in your area!

There are now platforms that help you compare prices of contractors and find the best value for money in your area quickly and easily. A recommendable service is that of Bark. It only takes a few clicks to fill out the form. Whether you accept one of the offers or leave it at the price overview is up to you. The service is non-binding and free of charge.

What influences the cost of gardening?

There are a variety of factors that influence the cost of gardening. Here is an overview of the most important cost factors:

  • The size of the area (the larger the area, the lower the price per m²)
  • The type and complexity of the job
  • Qualification of the gardener
  • The general price level of the gardener or gardening company
  • The region in which the garden is located (prices in the city or near the city are often somewhat higher)
  • Material costs for e.g. machines and plants (if not included)
  • Possible disposal costs
  • Travel costs or flat rate (if not included)
  • Is it a one-off job or recurring work (gardener subscription)?
  • Special requests

What services are offered by a gardener?

In addition to planning and advice, garden maintenance and garden design are the main services offered by a gardener. Garden maintenance includes tasks such as mowing and scarifying the lawn, cutting, planting and removing hedges, creating and planting beds, weeding, removing greenery and leaves, and pest control.

Somewhat more complex than garden maintenance is the subject of garden design or the creation of a garden. The spectrum here is very broad and includes laying sod, creating a pond, felling trees, levelling the garden (on slopes), building terraces (wood, concrete or stone), paving garden paths, excavating and transporting soil, planting trees and shrubs, and building garden and greenhouses.

Since some of the tasks in the field of garden design are considerably more complex, it should be clarified with the gardener beforehand whether the necessary qualifications are met. Otherwise, for demanding projects, depending on the focus of the task, it may be necessary to hire a landscape gardener, landscape architect or horticulturist.

Savings tips: How to reduce your gardener costs

1. One-off work or recurring work?

Especially when it comes to recurring work, you can save quite a bit of money. Gardeners usually have reduced prices for recurring jobs.

2. Ask for a flat rate price

Especially when it comes to recurring work, you can save quite a bit of money. Gardeners usually have reduced prices for recurring jobs.

3. Contract the gardener together with the neighbour?

If the neighbours are also interested in gardening work, discounts can often be achieved by hiring the gardener together, as the total area or volume of work increases.

4. Carry out a free price comparison

Probably the easiest and quickest way to save money: Carry out a short price comparison in advance to get an overview of the regional price level. You can use the following link for this purpose. The service is free of charge.

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