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How much does a landscape gardener cost in the UK per sqm?

A beautifully designed garden not only enhances the quality of life, but can also increase the value of the house. When renovating or creating a new garden, professional help is usually sought from landscape architects and landscape gardeners. Find out here how much the average landscape gardener cost in the UK is and how to save money.

How much does a landscape gardener cost in the UK?

The average landscaper gardener cost in the UK is around 12 – 20% of the cost of the house if a garden is to be newly laid out, e.g. for a new building or garden conversion. Alternatively, it can be calculated at around £50 – £100 per sqm.

Average: 12 – 20% of the cost of the house or £50 – £100 per sqm

If the cost of building the house was, say, £250,000, the landscape gardening cost at 12% would be around £30,000. These averages are estimates because the costs can vary greatly and, apart from the size of the garden, depend mainly on what you want for the garden and how much the materials and labour would cost to implement.

For simple and inexpensively designed gardens, this figure can also be in the single-digit % range. A garden with a lawn, flowerbed and small, simple terrace made of concrete blocks, for example, can be done comparatively inexpensively. Additional garden elements such as a garden pond, garden house or a patio roof increase the cost of landscaping just as much as the use of expensive materials such as natural stone or high-grade woods.

Since the cost of landscaping a garden can vary greatly and depends on the desired work, we have prepared a price list for better reference. The costs listed here are to be understood as estimates including VAT and may of course vary.

Landscape gardener cost: Tasks / elements and prices

Task / Element
Design, Planning, Consultancy, Draft
from £700
Laying turf (seed)
from £8 / m2
Laying of lawn (rolled turf)
from £10 / m2
Laying out a bed incl. plants
from £22 / m2
Sandpit installation
from £180
Irrigation system
from £260
from £430
Excavate and dispose of soil
from £40 / m3
Straighten slight slopes
from £10 / m2
Straighten steep slopes
from £45 / m2
Retaining walls
from £85 / m2
Garden pond construction
from £180 / m2
Swimming pool (above ground, steel wall)
from £850
Swimming pool (GRP prefabricated pool)
from £13,000
Garden path laying
from £40 / m2
Decking, WPC
from £90 / m2
Decking, wood
from £100 / m2
Patio, concrete
from £70 / m2
Awning incl. installation
from £450
Patio roofing (pergola)
from £1,800
Small greenhouse
from £2,200
Wooden gazebo
from £2,500
Tree planting
from £70 / tree
Plant hedge
from £40 / m2
Privacy fence, wood
from £130 / m2
Brick wall
from £180 / m2
Noise barrier
from £220 / m2

Money saving tip: Compare landscape gardener prices in your area!

There are now platforms that help you compare prices of contractors and find the best value for money in your area quickly and easily. A recommendable service is that of Bark. It only takes a few clicks to fill out the form. Whether you accept one of the offers or leave it at the price overview is up to you. The service is non-binding and free of charge.

Which factors influence the landscape gardener cost?

  • How large is the planned area for the garden?
  • Is the garden area level or does a slope have to be levelled or retaining walls erected beforehand?
  • How accessible is the area for transport and machinery?
  • What kind of subsoil is involved?
  • What building materials are to be used, e.g. for the terrace or paths?
  • Is privacy protection such as a hedge, fence or wall desired?
  • Which plants and trees are desired?
  • Are there any additional requests, e.g. a swimming pool, garden pond or garden house?

What does the landscape gardener cost consist of?

1. Design, consultation, planning and drafting

If you do not want to design your garden yourself, you can use the services of a landscape architect. Generally, it makes sense to at least consult with the landscape gardener beforehand and get tips on the appropriate planting for the garden. It is also possible to quickly find out which materials for terraces or paths, for example, would be suitable for your own budget.

2. The desired garden elements and their materials

Probably the biggest cost item and also the one with the highest potential for cost differences. Individual garden elements such as patio including roofing, flowerbed, pond, pool, privacy screen, greenhouse and garden shed increase the costs. This also includes the choice of building materials.

A simple terrace made of concrete blocks will be cheaper to build than one made of natural stone or high-grade wood. Here it is important to weigh up what is really desired and to what extent everything is compatible with the budget that may be available. After all, there are hardly any upper limits to the costs of garden design.

3. Plants, shrubs and trees

More economical than the garden elements is the planting of the garden. There are no limits to imagination and personal taste. However, it is advisable to find out in advance which types of plants and trees harmonise well with each other. The landscape gardener can also help here.

What is the difference between gardening and landscaping?

Two terms that are often used synonymously, but cover different areas of work. While a gardener is mainly responsible for gardening work such as garden maintenance (mowing the lawn, trimming hedges, etc.), the field of landscaping also includes more complex work such as the overall design and construction of a garden.

This is where landscape gardeners and landscape architects usually come into play. Accordingly, the cost of landscaping is often higher than for simple gardening. Unlike gardening, landscaping costs are not calculated per hour, but mostly per square metre.

Can the cost of landscaping a garden be reduced by doing it yourself?

In principle, some gardening can be done by oneself, but for many jobs at least a basic knowledge is necessary, e.g. how to choose and plant plants correctly and what to look out for. Little knowledge, on the other hand, is needed for clearing areas. If, for example, there are still shrubs and plants on an area where a terrace is to be built later, these can be removed in advance and relocated if necessary.

It is also always worthwhile to consult and coordinate with the landscape gardener in advance. This will give you valuable tips on what can be done on your own and how best to proceed. In addition, expensive mistakes and higher garden design costs for possible corrections can be saved.

Saving tips: How to lower your landscape gardener cost

1. There is a high potential for savings in building materials

Especially if many garden elements are desired, the savings potential is enormous when it comes to materials. It makes a big difference in price whether the garden paths are laid with expensive natural stone or with gravel or concrete. The same can be applied 1:1 to fences, walls or almost any other garden element: there are always cheap and expensive building materials that are suitable for the implementation and whoever wants to can always find a good, cheap solution.

2. If possible, choose a level plot of land

Of course, this is not always possible, but for those who are still in the decision-making process and have to choose between several plots: Already when purchasing the plot, make sure that it is a level plot. A slight slope can usually be straightened quite inexpensively.

In the case of steep slopes, such as land on a hillside, considerable additional costs may be incurred for retaining walls or straightening the surface. Even surfaces require much less work and the landscaping costs are correspondingly lower.

3. Do not go for the lowest price, but for the best value for money

Especially with such extensive and expensive work as landscaping a garden, you should not choose purely on the basis of price. Rather, it is important here to find a quality landscaping company that can offer a fair price. Comparing customer reviews is crucial here and should not be neglected in the decision-making process.

If work is not done properly on patios, for example, expensive consequential damage can occur. It is also important to have a committed customer service. The landscaper should always be available to answer questions.

4. Compare free offers from landscape gardeners in advance

Because landscape gardener costs can vary so much, it is always advisable to carry out a free price comparison for your own region in advance. This way you can quickly get a price overview for your project and your region, compare customer reviews of the providers and thus find the best price-performance ratio.

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